Every event deserves excellent talent. The trick is knowing how to pick the right person. You want to choose someone with the right delivery and the right knowledge who can directly impact your audience with their presentation.

Event Goals

It’s a wonderful thing to inspire an audience with a top professional, but you should still have an agenda in mind. What are you looking for your audience to take away from the event? It can be anything from tips for productivity to how to tap into creativity to inspiration. The speaker you choose should be able to hit all of your goals.

Type of Event

A presentation is different from a demonstration. A health expert will deliver a different event than a photojournalist, and the same is true for a technology guru versus a personal life coach. Visuals matter as much as the speaker. Some speakers don’t need visuals, and if they’re engaging enough, that’s great. Others will want to cook for your audience or do a routine. Is this an interactive event or a motivational talk? Your speaker should best showcase your event’s style.

Work Your Budget

It’s not everyone’s favorite topic, but money really does matter. That said, while you may not be able to afford a big name celebrity speaker, there are plenty of fascinating people who deliver wonderful talks at a non-celebrity rate. Often, these talks can be more successful because they’re specifically aligned with your audience. So know what you can spend, but also bear in mind more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean more impact, which is great news.

The Right Personality

It could be really fun to have a former Olympian give a talk, but if your audience is looking for social media marketing insight, maybe you want to go with an online influencer instead. What does your audience want? What is most beneficial for them? Both can deliver great talks; it’s up to you to find the right personality who can reach your audience.

It’s a big deal to hire a keynote speaker. Finding one is much easier once you know the basics about how to pick your talent. Working with our talent agents is a good way to narrow down the list and book a fabulous keynote speaker for your next online or live event.