When presented with options for a speaker, it can be overwhelming to know who to choose. We all have dream speakers we’d love to book, but it’s a good idea to look outside the lines a little bit and think about the unexpected. These are often the most fun events because the audience doesn’t know what they’re in for. You’re going to have to weigh your options. Keep these ideas in mind when you’re whittling down your list.

The Approach

Not everyone is going to put on the same event. You want to look for a speaker whose style matches your preferences. Choose someone who will talk about the things you think are important and will deliver in a way that makes an impact on your audience. Find out how they’ll present for your event. Will there be a demonstration, a slide show, or a reading? It’s important to know what’s going to happen on stage before the big day.

A Fresh Perspective

While getting a veteran speaker can be reassuring (they’ve done this a million times, after all), you run the risk of getting a recycled talk. You don’t want that. First of all, the delivery may lack the genuine emotion you’re looking for, but the topics may be old hat as well. Find a speaker who will bring bright ideas and a new way of looking at the world. A vet may do this, too; just make sure they keep it fresh for your audience.

Go With Your Gut

Sometimes you just know someone’s right. They have the personality that your audience will respond to, the right reputation, the right background, and the right material. Other times, a speaker might be perfect on paper, but doesn’t quite have that unnameable quality that inspires the audience. If you aren’t excited by the speaker, chances are no one else will be, either. You know what you’re looking to achieve, so it’s okay to go with that feeling of just knowing it’s right.

The most important part of considering speakers is the ability to find the glove that fits, that person who can deliver in the right manner. The approach, perspective, and that gut instinct are key aspects when it comes to making the big choice.